Leadership with an Angelic Twist

It’s time to raise the vibration in Corporate America.

Welcome to a new era of working.

Do you want to build stronger, more cohesive teams and be the place everyone wants to work? Then you’re in the right place and the Angels are ready to help.

For the Forward-Thinking Leader

You have the chance to raise the vibration of your organization and create a happier culture, better performance, and more satisfaction. Unfortunately, many organizations are suffering under the weight of toxic work patterns engrained in an antiquated corporate system. Let Angel Amy, a renowned leadership expert and gifted psychic medium, create a unique and unforgettable transformative experience for your business or organization.

Low Vibe at Work?

Signs your in-person or remote working environment is low vibe:

This is not just another leadership workshop or talk.

Angel Amy’s workshops and live events provide the tools and insights you need to become a heart-centered leader who leads with empathy, compassion, and authenticity.

Talk Topics to Raise the Vibe

Executive Coaching with an Angelic Twist
Private or small group coaching packages and sessions that combine traditional coaching techniques with angelic guidance to help you tap into your intuition, overcome limiting beliefs, and become the most effective leader you can be. Whether you're seeking to enhance your communication skills, develop your emotional intelligence, or overcome a specific challenge in your career, these sessions can help you elevate your energy and achieve success in all aspects of your professional life.


Angel Amy is a gifted medium, coach, and public speaker who specializes in heart-centered leadership and working with business leaders to create positive change in their organizations.

She spent many years working in Corporate America before discovering her true passion for channeling, coaching, and comedy. Her live events and shows, often hosted in and around Massachusetts, blend humor and channeling to inspire, uplift, and motivate individuals and groups.

Amy possesses a unique ability to connect with her clients’ souls, Angels, Spirit Guides, and Loved Ones, creating a safe space for them to peel back the layers and tap into their full potential. Her mission is to share messages of peace and hope with the masses, straight from the Angels. Amy’s work centers around orchestrating the highest energy possible to take her clients on a transformative journey through the depths of their souls, allowing them to fully manifest and strengthen the lives they desire.

With a focus on heart-centered leadership, Angel Amy guides business leaders to lean into the energetics of their teams and create a workplace culture that fosters empathy, compassion, and open communication. Through private experiences and workshops, she equips leaders with the tools and insights they need to become authentic and empathetic leaders who inspire excellence and drive success. Angel Amy lives in Massachusetts with her husband, Andy, of nineteen years, and their teenage Gen Z daughter, Julia.

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