Kristina Coccoluto

We're worried about you...

Has life made you feel buried lately? This three-part series shows you how to blossom and rise.

Begins Tuesday, June 6 – 6pm EST

Do you feel stuck in the mud?

We’ve been there too. That’s why we’ve created this series to help you navigate through life’s struggles and move toward hope and your true purpose.

Through storytelling, vulnerability, and actionable steps and tools, you'll learn how to shift your perspective and find your path forward... no matter your circumstance.

Through storytelling, vulnerability, and actionable steps and tools, you'll learn how to shift your perspective and find your path matter your circumstance.

Episode Guide

Episode 1

Get to the Root of It

In this episode, we’ll dive deep into your story and help you identify the patterns and beliefs that may be holding you back. We will delve into topics such as adversity, circumstances, feeling powerless, and mindset. You’ll learn how to reframe your narrative and get a fresh perspective on the root of it.

Episode 2

Nurture Your Soul-Seed

Wednesday, June 14 – 6pm EST

In the second episode, we’ll help you shift your perception from pain to purpose, and explore the ingredients you need to thrive. You’ll learn strategies to take care of yourself, be in responsibility, and find joy.

Episode 3

Prune and Bloom

Thursday, June 22 – 6pm EST

In the final episode, we’ll help you apply what you’ve learned and provide personalized coaching to help you take the next steps on your journey. You’ll learn how to weed out negative influences, release the people you love with love, and cultivate a supportive network that will help you grow and flourish.

Is Attending this Series Right for Me?

This series is led by Angel Amy and Kristina Coccoluto, and its expertly crafted to help you find your way out of pain and into purpose and peace. Don't let life bury you - sign up today and start your journey toward blossoming.

Angel Amy

Angel Amy is a gifted medium, coach, and public speaker who specializes in heart-centered leadership, practical spirituality, and working people of all ages to create positive change in their lives. She spent many years working in Corporate America before discovering her true passion for channeling, coaching, and comedy. Her live events and shows, often hosted in and around Massachusetts, blend humor and channeling to inspire, uplift, and motivate individuals and groups.

Amy possesses a unique ability to connect with her clients’ souls, Angels, Spirit Guides, and Loved Ones, creating a safe space for them to peel back the layers and tap into their full potential. Her mission is to share messages of peace and hope with the masses, straight from the Angels. Amy’s work centers around orchestrating the highest energy possible to take her clients on a transformative journey through the depths of their souls, allowing them to fully manifest and strengthen the lives they desire. Angel Amy lives in Massachusetts with her husband, Andy, of nineteen years, and their teenage Gen Z daughter, Julia.

Kristina Coccoluto

Kristina Coccoluto is a woman on a mission to encourage others to take control of their health while embracing a growth-mindset. She is a BRCA1 gene mutation carrier who underwent a preventative double mastectomy in 2016. She’s dedicated herself to raising awareness about breast cancer and educating women about their personal breast cancer risk. She has served on the board for Runway for Recovery, a non-profit that provides support to families impacted by breast cancer. Kristina has run three world major marathons and is a sought-after motivational speaker and advocate for cancer research. Kristina’s inspiring message of resilience and hope has touched many lives, including as a keynote speaker at the Dana-Farber Boston Marathon Challenge Pasta Party where she raised over $30k to support cancer research. As a wife and mother of three, Kristina’s most rewarding work involves spending time with her family and going on adventures together. She believes living a fulfilling life means finding joy and gratitude in order to grow through what you go through.

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