Angel Amy’s All-Access Club

Receive timely Angelic guidance, elevate your life, and laugh your a** off with us!

Hang out with the Angels

Experience LIVE classes, group sessions, a private community, and on-demand content… easily accessed online.

What’s really going on these days —

Everyone is feeling the chaos of uncertainty right now. Since you’re here, you’re among those empathetic, light-working people meant to inspire those around you and create positive change wherever you are—whether it be the office, your home, or the community.

Many people who are sensitive souls, can feel —

Laughter, perspective, and good juju is the solution.

If you are ready to get supported to live angelically while giving yourself the full permission to be human, you’re in the right place. It’s time to answer the call and get the support you deserve.

What is Angel Amy’s All-Access Club all about?

Being in this club supports you to stay in peace, hope, trust and laughter no matter what the world throws at you.

This incredibly fun and uplifting membership experience includes online learning, live classes, on-demand content, and community.

It’s designed to provide you with consistent and continual Angelic guidance, teach you practical spirituality, and give you the tools, tips, and space to create the life you want…right now!

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What you’ll learn and experience as a member of the club -

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All-Access Pass

$499 /year

$44 /month

All-Access Pass + VIP

$2200 /year

$189 /month

Elevate with Amy’s VIP

Imagine being able to receive wise guidance and a direct line to your intuition, so you can quiet the noise, understand your path, and take action—to create a life of ease, joy, and fulfilment. You have access to a whole team of support just waiting for you to tune in and listen.

If this is you, this personalized experience is the best option to activate your inner guidance and change your life.

You will maximize your membership and accelerate the changes you want to see by receiving one-on-one monthly support from me. I love working with individuals who are ready to do the work and experience Angelic guidance in a whole new way.

Includes: 12 private sessions with me and early preference to my calendar to book, plus other perks. I recommend one session per month. I am only able to serve a few members in this personalized way.

Spots are limited!


Angel Amy is a fun, light-hearted, and humorous soul. She is a catalyst of hope and feels a deep inner calling in making the world a better, more peaceful place.

For many years, she worked in Corporate America until she found her true calling to pursue Angel mediumship, coaching, public speaking, and comedy. You can see her hosting live events and shows in and around Massachusetts that fuse comedy and channeling to inspire, uplift, and motivate—because the Angels have a sense of humor too.

Amy has been graced with the ability to connect to your soul, Angels, Spirit Guides, Loved Ones, and all things energetic, allowing her to create a safe space for her clients to peel back the layers. It’s her mission to bring messages of peace and hope to the masses, straight from the Angels. She orchestrates the highest energy to take you on a journey through the depths of your soul and fully manifest and strengthen the life you want. Amy lives in Massachusetts with her husband Andy of nineteen years, and her teenage Gen Z daughter, Julia.